Taking The High Road….sorta

A couple of readers emailed me to point out the latest bit of ridiculousness from Louis Porter — another “Press Release” where he takes futile slaps at me.

Rather than responding, I went about crafting my Press Release for our new releases (which I spoke about on ). I decided to go with an entirely new style of Press Release.

Nothing but images of the products, that link to the product pages, and the following Tag Line:

Adamant Entertainment: The First Name in D20 Pulp
We Let Our Products Do The Talking.

Bwah-ha-ha-ha, etc.

11 Replies to “Taking The High Road….sorta”

  1. Fabulous approach.

    I think the thing I find most amusing about Mr. Porter is his amazing lack of skill when it comes to use of the English language.

    For instance, he doesn’t believe in treating other publishers “respectively” because they have not treated him “respectively”.

    What a schumck.

    Oh, and one wonders how his research would hold up against the legal team from…Universal, isn’t it?


  2. To paraphrase from the hellpit of RPG.Net regarding Lou’s statements – “Man, what”.

    I was particularly amused by his misue of the word ‘respective’. Granted, that’s petty of me, but if you’re a damn publisher and writer, you aren’t going to win me over with half-incoherent posts where you sodomize the English language.

  3. I notice he’s deleted the earlier “Press Release” where the product was gonna be called King Kong & Skull Island. And funny how neither Kong nor Skull Island gets namechecked on the product page we get to see.

    Wonder why?

  4. Knowing the history Mr. Porter has with Green Ronin’s Superline License, Steve K’s comment was utterly priceless.

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