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  1. Re: Oh yeah…

    I’m reminded of the line in “Diamonds Are Forever” where Blofeld considers using the laser satellite on Kansas, and then changes his mind, remarking to Bond: ” If we destroy Kansas, the world may not hear about it for years!”

  2. “Damn! They were just aboutto get a public library.”

    “At least we got…Terra Haute…”
    -Carl Reiner as Field Marshall Wilfred von Kluck in Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, upon unleashing deadly cheese bombs

  3. Re: “Damn! They were just aboutto get a public library.”


    It’s Terre Haute.

    That’s where my parents grew up. =D

    But yeah, it’s a total rat hole.

  4. Re: In case of terrorist attack…

    Well you know living in Lawrence definitely makes you a target…just look at The Day After…


  5. Sounds like they want to bribe the republicans thru another congress…. moving money into those places where they may have tough mid-term election battles coming up.

    NYC of course is treated as a lost cause…..too many democrats.

  6. U.S out of the U.S.A., far as I’m concerned. I’m a proud citizen of Internetistan, me. My meatspace loyalties might go as far Northern New England, but only just barely.

  7. Shitheads they are, no doubt, but you can actually chalk this one up to incompetence rather than malice. NYC was assigned Budget X in 2004 (something like $150 million), but in fact the feds failed to pay the whole amount. So they stuck the extra amount onto the 2005 budget, raising it to around $200 million. The 2006 budget is lower, back around the $150 million mark, but all that means is that it’s back to the level it was originally supposed to be at but never actually was. You can check out some discussion of it in ‘s journal.

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