So apparently, my announcement regarding the MARS situation has generated a 100+ message thread at RPGNet.

Several folks have forwarded me the link, and informed me that it’s rife with the usual “GMS is a big ol’ meany-head” vibe — including accusations of me “mudslinging” (despite the fact that I have named no names).

I have told each person who has forwarded the link, and I’m now making this general announcement: I will not be going there to read the thread. My blood pressure doesn’t need the stress of seeing shit about me and my company that I am barred from responding to, simply because the Powers-That-Be at RPGNet want to maintain my perma-ban, 2 years after the fact.

Having a lynchpin release held in limbo because of bullshit corporate strong-arming is bad enough, without added frustration.

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  1. Good choice. You really do not want that shit in your brain when you are not in a position to respond and any response you do attempt to make will only be twisted further.


  2. I’m [i]really[/i] hoping that you can get the whole mess cleared up so you’ll be allowed to publish MARS. It sounds like there’s some stuff that I might want to use in one of my current RPG groups. I’ll be one of those first in line to buy it once the green light is given…

  3. You’ve definitely taken the high road on this one. Just continue to do so. The thread isn’t worth your time or annoyance.

  4. I’ve discovered that RPG.Net is becoming increasingly irrelevant (IMO) as far as the gaming world goes – if it’s not Exalted or Burning Wheel or Flavor-of-the-Month, it gets very little coverage there. The mods’ve all gone nuts, with such great ideas as promoting Curt (he of the hetero-bashing reputation) to Mod status and vehemently defending the ever more assholish actions of Darrin Kelley. It’s insane, it’s inane, and worst of all, entirely meaningless in the grand context (such as it is) of the gaming world. I smell the imminent death spiral of the site every time I go there, which is becoming increasingly rare. Instead of a gaming site, it’s fallen to a bunch of tiny, bigoted cliques; never a good thing.

    But of course, thanks to the removal of discourse, Gareth can’t respond to people who won’t bother to find out the truth, who’re backing (however idadvertantly) the worthless prick that sicc’ed the ERB folks on Gareth. I’ll admit that some of the MARS stuff looks pretty damned close to popular interpretations of that author’s work, but for chrissakes, you don’t see Steve Long getting his chops busted for clearly using the image of the Phantom in Pulp HERO. It’s homage, you corporate jerks. If anything it might spark more interest in your precious damned property.

    Anyways, rant off. I’ve told everyone I can think of to buy Adamant products – Gareth can always use more money, they’re products I feel proud to promote by word of mouth, and goddammit, they’re *useful*.

  5. There’s not much of utility for you on that thread. There may be less “meany-head” than you’d expect (though there’s some, sure), and there’s even some honest support. But nothing of any specific value; just gamers, gossiping.

    I applaud the high road you’ve been taking thus far, man.

  6. I was actually going to ping you on this, until thiought better of it. As far as I’m concerned, your position on the issue has been 100% professional, and no, the RPGNet thread isn’t worth the aggravation.

    As for the Nameless Scumbag, a pox on his testicles.

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