HEX premiere tonight…

For those of you with BBC America, tonight they’re showing the premiere of the supernatural series Hex, which originally aired on Sky One in the UK.

From the website:

“Set in a remote British boarding school, Hex is the story of Cassandra “Cassie” Hughes (Christina Cole), a shy social outcast who discovers she has unique powers that provide a terrifying link to the past.

Longing to be popular, but only truly loved by her lesbian roommate Thelma (Jemima Rooper, Kinky Boots), Cassie goes to great lengths to be accepted by the “in crowd” at her cliquish English boarding school, Medenham Hall. Thelma, who couldn’t care less about being ostracized, is appalled at Cassie’s attempts to fit in with the superficial classmates who treat them so badly.

While stopping for a cigarette in one of the old buildings on campus, Cassie’s future is forever altered when she unearths hidden ancient artifacts – a discovery that leaves her cursed with supernatural powers that have their roots deep in Medenham Hall’s history. As she begins to recognize the extent of her new abilities, Cassie is bewildered and terrified by the visions that haunt her. She soon discovers that there are certain advantages to being a student endowed with mystical powers, when she learns how to manipulate the people and situations around her.

However, Cassie realizes that her new gift comes with a price. Her tragic fate is sealed with the appearance of Azazeal (Michael Fassbender, Band of Brothers), the leader of a group of fallen angels who were banished from heaven for tasting the pleasures of mortal women. Azazeal kidnaps Thelma in a bid to get to the one human sacrifice he’s really concerned with, Cassie. But when Cassie confronts him and demands to see her friend, it’s Thelma who pays the ultimate price.”

Could be crap, but the commercials they’ve been showing make it look like a more adult version of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, so we’ll be giving it a shot. (9 central, if you’re interested)

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  1. Sounds fun. Also sounds a LOT like A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray…

    Are you planning to record it? Or DVR or whatever?

  2. Nah….I have too much media as it is. Just watching it.

    I suppose if it’s absolutely, knock-down, jaw-dropping FABOOO….I’ll bittorrent it to get a copy.

  3. My mom has piles of VHS’s all around the extra bedroom… that she doesn’t use anymore because she has hours and hours of DVR! I totally get it. Bittorrent seems a marvelous thing!

  4. It’s actually a pretty good series, and a touch on the more surreal side in areas. First season was 6 episodes or so, the second season ran 12-13, all in widescreen (and all of which currently reside on my computer, courtesy of TVTorrents). I’d be curious to see if they edit it for American audiences and how much though.

    Season 3 should are on Sky One sometime early next year.

  5. Do you want an invite? I can give you some of my credits to get you started (no, I don’t expect anything in return other than for you to keep up a good ratio on the site), and that way you can plow right in rather than having to find something to upload in order to get creds. (They used to start people with 1Gig of credit, but people kept signing up, downloading far more than they were uploading, and when said individuals would drop or get banned, they’d come back with another username and do the same thing all over again, hence the new invite system.)

    Anyhow, should you want said invite, drop me an email with your preferred email addy to seantaclaus at gmail dot com, and I’ll hook you up, gratis.

  6. We’ve been seeing subway posters for it around here. Sadly, we don’t get BBC America (only on digital here, I think), but I was able to BitTorrent it. We’ll check it out this weekend.

  7. I snagged both series of the interweb myself. I had sort of an ‘eh’ reaction to it. Although they did make some casting choices I liked. I thought some of the back mythology of the show got a little silly and overblown but as always ymmv.

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