Superman Hooky?

So….Superman Returns opens next Wednesday, the 28th.

Anybody want to play hooky and go see a matinee? Or are you all too responsible for that……


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  1. Um…unfortunately, I get to have 4 teeth filled in the middle of the day, and then and I will be coming out to Lawrence that night for haircuts…I don’t suppose you’d consider a late showing (you know, of the 9ish variety)?


  2. If you guys are going to be in town, that would probably be perfect…..we could secure tickets earlier in the day as well.

    Plots and plots….

  3. That would be fabulous! We are set up for 6:30 P.M. with Mark, and it will be straight up cuts this time so we’d be out of that no later than probably 7:30-8:00ish, so anything from 8:30 on would probably be feasible.

    said he’d be willing to stay up late on a school night to see Big Blue.


  4. Actually — reminded me that if ‘s class (which starts tomorrow night) is a weekly thing, we won’t be able to do this, as we will be otherwise engaged.

    I’ve sent an email asking for confirmation of the schedule.

  5. Star got back to me and said that she believes that it’s monthly, rather than weekly. Awaiting confirmation from Mark, but given that it’s at her place, I think we’re good.

  6. Then we’ll assume a tentative go, unless we hear otherwise.

    Shall be in touch as release date approaches about the ticket purchase dance.


  7. Yep.
    Actually, if I could find a really *fast* flight that wasn’t horrendously expensive I’d do it. Y’know, something that could get me there in time for the movie, and then a return flight that would get me home in time to tuck the little girl in.
    Or a teleporter. That would work nicely.

  8. We can talk about it further at my birthday shindig this Saturday…..which you ARE coming to.

    (subtle, right?)

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