Election-year Conservative Politics

So, the spineless motherfuckers are debating another Constitutional Amendment, this time banning flag burning.

Yeah, because that’s a critical issue.

Another conservative saw horse, brought out time and again to appease their mouth-breathing base who are too ignorant to recognize when they’re being played.

15 years ago, they were doing this bullshit dance. 15 fucking years.

The alternative hip-hop group Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy included verses about it in the first track of their 1992 album (“Satanic Reverses” off “Hipocrisy is the Greatest Luxury”). In honor of the criminal idiocy that passes for our representation, I’ll quote the significant passage here:

The House’s legislation
ripped the phoney foundation
off what we thought inherent

Sent Joey to the Supreme Court
‘Cause he made a statement
they called it desecration

of the symbol that was meant to represent
the freedom of so-called choice and dissent

They almost had me believing it
They were bleeding him
He said, “Burn, baby, burn”

‘Til the street samurai
said to my face that
any flag worth a shit
was woven from fire in the first place.

I’ve always loved those last two lines. This nation was born in revolution, you dumb fucks. If you’re not careful…..

14 Replies to “Election-year Conservative Politics”

  1. Find me a new Tom Paine, and maybe I’ll believe we’re still capable of revolution. But yeah, those last two lines do most righteously rock.

  2. The amendment did not pass. Another on my F-list was commenting that a move to raise minimum raise just failed, but that congress votes on whether they get pay raises tomorrow. I think we all know the outcome of this one.

    Is it just me, or are some people really trying hard to have Victorian-era-level class division again? Bleah!

  3. I don’t know if this country could move itself off its fat ass enough to have a full-blown revolt. The only thing I can think of that might get the populace to consider thinking about the possibility of some day revolting is a suspension of the 2008 elections by the Bush junta because of “national security concerns.”

  4. The revolution has been cancelled because it might interfere with watching something on tv.

    Besides, who ever heard of a revolution by sheep?

  5. Those last two lines have been something I quoted over and over again since 1992.

    That was one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever.


  6. I’m still amazed that Rove hasn’t pushed the argument that “during this time of war our leaders must be allowed to ‘stay the course’ — it would be wrong for the American people to lose the experience of the administration during these tough times.” Time for a vote to repeal Presidential term limits!

  7. It goes beyond laziness. Most people couldn’t afford to revolt.

    Most people (who are poor enough to care, and the rich like it just the way it is) can barely afford to live day to day. I don’t know many folks financially secure enough that their family wouldn’t end up starving & homeless if they went off to march on Washington. About all we can do is bitch, and vote for some jerk who won’t be much better than what we’ve got now (and hope they don’t rig the election again). So, that’s all we do.

    They have us right where they want us. There won’t be a revolution until a majority of the people are in such dire straits they have nothing left to lose. That’s a long way off yet.

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