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Several of you expressed your appreciation of the electronica that I played at the party on Saturday. So, I’ve gone through my 3+ CDs worth of compositions, picked out the 18 that I liked the most, and zipped up the mp3s, along with a jpg CD booklet for those of you who want to burn.

The 74 megabite zip file can be found here, for all who want it: @nubis music sampler

First of all, as I said, these come from 3 different CDs (Initial Eyes, Big in Japan, and Electreclectic), plus a couple of tracks that are more recent and haven’t made it onto CD yet. So, the MP3 tags will have album art and track order info that doesn’t really apply. I have re-named the files themselves so that they start with numbers, to give a sort-of track order, for those of you who care for such things.

The tracks are:

1: Al-Azif: Yes, a danceable electronic composition about The Necronomicon, featuring samples from “The Dunwich Horror” and a gospel choir.

2: Bounced : Not much to say about this one. Experimenting with various synth instruments, and liked how it turned out.

3: 8thDimension: A drum-and-bass inspired track featuring samples from “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai”, an original radio news report of the Roswell crash, and some vocals by a friend’s girlfriend (whose name, I’m sad to say, completely escapes me ).

4: American Taliban: The most recent track. Some of you remember this, as I posted it on Friday Music.

5: IX: The Weirding Way as dancefloor stomp. Featuring a report of “new machines” on Ix, courtesey of a third-stage Guild Navigator.

6: Wiretrip : Another noodly dance number, with some samples from “Strange Days.”

7: Z-G Trance: A track that I composed for convention demos of Mark Rein-Hagen’s failed action-figure-combat game, Z-G.

8: Litany: A mix of knob-fiddling trance, the Charm of Making from “Excalibur”, and the Viking funeral litany from “The 13th Warrior.”

9: Kandahar: Recorded in 2002, early during the war in Afghanistan. More vocals from the same lady as earlier, mixed with some middle-eastern music.

10: Frankenstein: More synth experimentation, and Gene Wilder’s “It’s Alive!!!” from “Young Frankenstein”, because I couldn’t find a clean copy of the original 30s dialog.

11: Magic A radio warning from “In the Mouth of Madness”, followed by some dark electronica built around David Lo Pan’s statement about “the darkest magic.”

12: Bootstompin’: An early composition, from 2001. A dance track which features a hook built around….ah, but that would be ruining the surprise. Give it a listen. It’s fun.

13: Altered States of America: The closest I have ever come to musical prescience. This song, featuring samples from Eleanor Roosevelt, NASA, Corneilius from “Planet of the Apes”, and some radio evangelical, was recorded in the summer of 2001, and so pre-dates not only 9/11, but what has happened in this country as a result. Listening to it now, it seems like a commentary.

14: Revolution: Again, not much to say about this one, other than the fact that I really like how it came together.

15: Sound of the Underground: @nubis answering the question “Can a new composition feature somewhat overused dancefloor samples and still be cool?” I think the answer is yes.

16: Martinette Swing: More knob-fiddling and sample-manipulation experimentation, that turned out really well.

17: MoonBase: Another recent one — I had done a fairly traditional-sounding piano composition, decided to add some bells and whistles to it.

18: Too Late: Another from 2001– the dark, ripping bass that carries this track makes me very happy.

There you go.

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