I know what I’m doing Sunday night…..

….going to see the new local band The Spook Lights at the Replay lounge.

Not sure of the time yet….I’ll update when I do.

Why I am interested? Read this write-up:

Here’s an mp3 of one of their songs — an ode to their guitar player — The Spook Lights – “Curvacia Vavoom”

Horror-schlock surf-punk psychobilly? I am so there, I’m already gone, daddy.

9 Replies to “I know what I’m doing Sunday night…..”

  1. Hey thanks for the endorsement! I think I saw you at the show. Were you with the lovely Ms. Chernobylred and Ms. Roya Spirit? Anyway, hope that you enjoyed it! ~Curvacia VaVoom.

  2. You did indeed. I was sitting with them, as well as and (who posted above).

    I am officially now a Spook Lights Fanboy. Loadsa fun. (Although, I admit that I was pre-disposed to falling for you guys, ever since I saw that had a picture of Crematia on his user page — Common interests, and all that.)

  3. Predisposition for schlock, b-fun and horror hosting isn’t something to “admit.” It’s something to BOAST! ;)

    If you’re a fan of Crematia Mortem you should read the dashing Mr. Manilow’s interview with her from last year (maybe two years ago?) on lawrence.com. She was incredibly nice and the interview was fascinating (though unsurprisingly not as well received as it should have been on most of the l.com audience.) I loved it when she called horror hosting a lost American folk art…”lost” mostly because independent stations like channel 41 in KC got bought out and coopted by larger networks who pushed local schlock out of the way pretty swiftly.

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