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  1. The Chicago ABC affilliate mentioned the controversy on the evening news and even showed fottage of 6-8 protesters who showed up outside their studios.

  2. oooh…

    thanks for the numbers. Phone calls are vastly more effective & harder to ignore than emails. I should look up the number for my local affiliate.

  3. I just tried to call, talked to an operator who connected me to an automated system, selected the “leave comment” option, selected “specials”, and promptly got a dial tone. They are hanging up.(the NYC ABC#)

  4. Here’s a reply to my comment to KMBC yesterday (ignore the fact that I didn’t know at the time it was commercial-free):

    Thank you for writing – we appreciate your comments.

    Karen King (kking@hearst.com)
    Program Supervisor

    TheKansasCityChannel.com – Website Feedback

    With regards to the reported innacuracies in “The Path to 9/11” docudrama,
    the refusal of ABC to correct said inaccuracies and their apparent
    kowtowing to the radical right, I will be recording this program
    specifically to find out the commercial sponsors to I may boycott them from
    here on in. I would recommend that you pre-empt this show with something
    either more entertaining or more factual. Good day.

  5. I called, got disconnected once at the same point, and called again. The second time, it went through just fine.

    The receptionist told me that they’ve been getting extremely high call volume, and that may cause some errors.

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