40 Years Ago Today….

Star Trek debuted on NBC.

Still one of my favorite shows of all time….my introduction to the series (in the early 70s syndication runs) by my Grandmother and Uncles pretty much set me on the path that I’m on now.

I still long for the days when there was only one Trek, doing classic seat-of-your-pants exploratory space opera in a naval setting, and the property hadn’t disappeared up its own ass with convoluted continuity references and the latex-foreheaded-alien-of-the-week. There are some times when I have to strongly fight the urge to start up a classic-Trek RPG campaign….about the only thing that stops me is the knowledge that I’d have a hard time finding players.

Anyway — happy 40th anniversary!

18 Replies to “40 Years Ago Today….”

  1. My parents tell me that when we started watching TNG, I kept asking why Capt. Kirk was now the XO. And I was not a fan of “the bald guy.”


    I caught on….eventually.

  2. I’ve done that before. Maybe it was the GM, but it only ended in pain.
    [cue Spock]
    But I think that had to do with the Twilight 2000-esque federation Space Marine approach he took.

  3. Re: Erp?!

    I know the store at the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton used to sell them. Just don’t ask me HOW I know this.

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