11 Replies to “KCRF Third Weekend Pics”

  1. Wow. That foofy fan picture just made me puddle a little.

    You should always sit like that and use a foofy fan. As I and one of the other wenches (can’t recall who at the moment) was explaining to Drake on Saturday – there’s something utterly devestating about a little bit of lace or froo-froo that just highlights sexy-manhood. (It’s all about the juxtaposition of gender roles, baby).


  2. To be honest, I don’t think I’ll be taking you up on it — not because I’m not interested, but because I don’t want to unconsciously or consciously copy anything you’ve done when I produce stuff for THRILLING TALES.

  3. I click POST way too fast these days.

    Chad U. had mentioned the thought of maybe doing some sort of cross-promo with you a while back, and I’d dropped the ball there. But I’m thinking along the lines of what Hero and Silver Age Sentinels did a while back, to some extent…

    Maybe free web extra type stuff with a handful of character concepts (using art from a combo of our existing games) statted up in both systems, that sort of dealio.

    But that can be tabled for “whenever”. Movin’ right along. :)

  4. *sigh*

    Yes, there are several shots that are blurry. I am quite disappointed.

    I need to get a new zoom-telephoto lens, as this one seems to give the autofocus on the camera some trouble. The shots that I know I manually focused with this lens came out crystal clear, as did other shots I took with my better quality, fixed-length lens on autofocus.

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