Somebody Talk Me Down….

Do me a favor — somebody figure out a way to prevent me from going over and reading .

Every time I do, it gets worse.

I know that I shouldn’t. I know that it’s just gonna piss me off. But I keep doing it.

At this point, were I to see him in the lanes, I would, in all likelihood, simply walk up and smack him in the mouth. Which is a problem, since he’s a friend of , and often comes over to say “Hi”.

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  1. somebody figure out a way to prevent me from going over and reading red_among_blues

    Um. Just don’t go over to his journal? I’ve managed to successfully avoid reading the LJ of someone who hurt me very much for, oh, I’d say it’s been well over a year and a half now.

    Just. Don’t. Go. There.

  2. that seems pretty simple to me…

    Just like the parental advisory sticker…

    dont read it…

    Ive watched your posts for some time now and in actuality, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do…I am not a politcal person…I dont like engaging in political debates, as Im unarmed in such frays… So how do I continue to read your posts when there’s no political filter…and i might be smacked with reading yet another “ political rant”????

    Easy, I’ve decided…I’ll simply read your posts until I realize its political in nature, and then simply move on… I’d rather read your stuff and go “oh, this is politics…I’ll catch up on his journal later today”

    I think you’re the Bee’s Knees man…your funny, easy to get along with…Im still waiting to play the hellboy game…(If im invited)…what I’m not…is politically minded…lucky for me thats not the only way I can consider to be your friend…

    Ive gone over to his journal and read his tripe…there’s simply no way to coerce him to change…I’ve seen him jab and chide your name on his journal…frankly, all its doing is continuing problems…i could say the whole “Dont sink to his level”… or “You’re better than that….

    but you’re a big boy, read what you want, or dont…but you can only get mad at yourself for reading something you know is going to piss you off…i also know that Im not telling you anything you dont already know…

    Anyways F**k him… ;)

  3. In addition…

    there’s someone in our little circle as well that I’d love to pound into the pavement…but its not socially acceptable to do so…so i simply avoid them…If they walk up to me in a social setting…i say as little as possible and continue on…again…you’re a big boy…if you cant control yourself enough to not smack him…well there are larger problems you need to deal with… It’s what separates us from civilization and walking over to the next town and shooting the motherf**ker who stole your horse…(Which Im a large advocate of, by the way)

  4. Gareth, you will see that I actually thought it prudent at one point to even engage in dialog with him. There is, sadly, no reason to do this. He is so very, very firmly entrenched in his belief as to what is “right” in the world, as fed by what he reads, in a sense as deeply as we are.

    Time will bear out the truth of the matter. But attempting to sway him, to vent your frustration on him, or better yet, belittling yourself by smacking him upside his pointy little head, will do absolutely nothing in the scheme of things, other than perhaps feed his furor.

    The energy you choose to spend there is better spent actually taking what steps are possible to effect change with regard to this situation as a whole. Get involved in grass roots politics. Do what you can to get every freaking liberal you know to not only register and then to actually vote. Continue to paper the poor excuse for representatives we have with the voice that speaks against the Right. Fire invective at our complacent media. Promote the the liberal view at whatever turn you have.

    He is, ultmately, a schumck who has 6 people who are paying attention to him…all of whom are equally as entrenched as he is. He is doing nothing more than preaching to the choir, and frankly insulting 2 people I love dearly in the process. Believe me there’s an infinitely better chance that I will cut him down to size when next he crosses my path, but it will be by using big words the little shitheel is too ignorant to understand.

    What he is, is a small minded dickhead masquerading as a gentleman. Do not sink to his level, for it is truly beneath you.


  5. If you’re tempted, call my cellphone, I’ll talk you down.

    Just remember that the character he is at faire (assuming he’s somewhere in the cast this year) is not him. Furthermore, I pity him because I’m sure at some point in his life he probably had critical thinking skills, and he’s simply chosen to ignore them in favor of drinking the Talk Radio/Fox News Kool Aid.

    And frankly he LIVES for the opportunity to stir shit up. Don’t give him the satisfaction.

  6. Re: that seems pretty simple to me…

    I’ve seen him jab and chide your name on his journal

    That’s one of the biggest problems….calling me out by name. I find it hard to ignore that sort of thing.

  7. By going and reading his journal, even if you hold back from responding, you are giving him exactly what he wants. When he calls you out, he wants your attention. When he directly insults you, he is begging for validation in the form of your injury.

    You are hands down, flat out, better than he is. The worst pain you can cause him is by showing that no matter what he says – you don’t care. You don’t have to. If I thought that he was capable of engaging in actual political debate, I’d say go ahead, debate him, see if you can change his mind. But he isn’t, and that means that he isn’t worth your time.

    Please don’t cause yourself further pain by interacting with him.


  8. Yeah, my biggest problem is his continual habit of calling me out by name. That’s one of the things I’ve always found hardest to ignore.

  9. Re: that seems pretty simple to me…

    are you kidding…thats one of my favorite things!!!!!

    Julian is a (*&%^*^&#@(& and furthermore he’s a )(*^&()*&%%&#^*$#….hey, arent you listening to me be all rude and stuff…hey you !@&(*&^$^&*#^…

    Oh…Im sorry…were you talking…I wasnt paying attention…

  10. Then you see, you give him power over you if you allow him to have that particular trigger point.

    Think of him as the pathetic little boy in the school yard, continually calling someone a coward to get their goat, so that they will come to the fight.

    If all he does is call out and you give him absolutely no response, all he looks like is a petty little dickhead. Particalarly since he only calls out when he’s behind the safety of a computer screen.

    I particularly loved his little circular logic about not coming to talk to him at faire to “work it out”. He is, wholly, the epitomie of a weasel. The absolute worst of what the Right and their brainwashing has to offer.

    Ewww. Double Ewww. Not even a fun trainwreck to watch because he is so wholly transparent and so wholly pathetic.

    Mostly because he really, truly and utterly does not understand exactly the manner of offense he is committing or worse, he does, and thinks it’s somehow just fine, because we are all just raving liberals.

    Me? I’m fucking done. He gets not one iota more of me at any level. Line was crossed irreparably by insulting in the fashion that he has, as well as you, my dear.

    I have no time in my life to waste on human flotsam, no matter how some of my friends want to believe the best of him. Give them time, someone like that will burn every bridge he’s got, eventually…and all in the name of Jesus.


  11. When he calls you out, he wants your attention. When he directly insults you, he is begging for validation in the form of your injury.

    This is exactly right! By ignoring him and not giving into his petulance, you are insulting him right back. So you are getting to him but with no effort involved.

    Sit back and piss him off my friend. As many others have said, you are the better man here.

  12. I don’t know who the person is, and, based on what I am reading, I will go out of my way not to find out.

    If he is calling you out by name, he is behaving in a manner that would be expected of a third-grader in the schoolyard. By calling you out, he is expecting you to sink to his level.

    Also, please note that, by calling you out, whether or not he chooses to acknowledge it, he is demonstrating his own pathetic need to drag you to his level, probably because: A) misery loves company, and B) if he can drag you into his temper tantrums then he has some sort of power greater than the mere goosestepping it takes to march to the tune of his obermeisters at FOX.

    Why bother even reading someone with such a pathetic need for the attention?

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