The New ‘Do

Minion requested a test of her new digital camera, and this affords me the opportunity to show my newly-shorn look to those who have not already witnessed it in person:

(For reference, here’s a “Before” shot, from the wedding)

21 Replies to “The New ‘Do”

  1. Very GQ. :)

    Speaking of Locks of Love, no place around here seems to be involved with that, but Celtic Hair Design (where I go) donate all the trimmings of any length to an organization that cleans up oil spills and such – apparently human hair is very absorbent that way. Weird. :)

  2. It does look very neat. You made me do a double take when I first saw you with it.

    However, because Minion took the pictures front-on and profile, I’d give the Photoshop community about a day before you appear booked in a correctional facility. “Turn to your left…”

  3. Completely unrelated:

    I promised you a copy of a particular movie soundtrack, but then NaNoWriMo came around and I fell behind on quite a bit of my correspondence, and with the holidays the follwing month, I just never caught back up . . .

    If you’re still interested, feel free to drop me a line at . . .

  4. holy crap! you weren’t kidding when you said short (not that I didn’t believe you…but still…)! It looks fantastic! (it’s just a bit of a shock to the system. ;)

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