6 Replies to “Beckham to Play for L.A.”

  1. I think it’s a great move for American Soccer to have someone of his standard and appeal come over to play. Especially as he is still young and talented enough to have chosen dozens of top European clubs.

    This isn’t the ‘retirement’ signing that has happened in the past and I really do hope it sees the popularity of soccer increase in the US and also starts to attract other players who are still not near the end of their careers from Europe and South America.

    Congrats to LA Galaxy!

  2. Yeah, I’ll be there when the Galaxy play the Dynamo. When I was a twelve year old sprout, full of an unnatural Europhiliac rage for soccer, San Antonio got a NASL team and their kick-off event was an exhibition game against the NY Cosmos. Watching Pele and Beckenbauer and Bobby Moore play, even if they were broken-down bad kneed and old Pele and Beckenbauer and Bobby Moore was one of the great moments of my life.

    I’ll be cheering against Becks, but I’ll be glad to have him in town.

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