Attention: Friends in the UK….

Due to a ridiculous UK-only restriction, I am not able to purchase this incredibly nifty TARDIS USB hub.

It would be extra nifty keen if one of you lovely chaps could secure such a device, and then send it to me…. Immediate repayment via Paypal, naturally…..or a few extra drinks at the next convention….Your choice.

Drop me a line, if you can manage it.

10 Replies to “Attention: Friends in the UK….”

  1. I’ve bought things through before. You should be able to order it yourself through their website. Just follow the directions for international shipping.

  2. I’ve passed that link to one of the product managers at ThinkGeek, and I’ll see what we can do about getting it in the US. The Daleks do pretty well for us, and everyone loves USB crap, so it’s not unprecedented.

  3. That looks really cool. The only question I have is, will it work over here? The information says that a “mains adaptor” is included, so it obviously has to be plugged into the wall, and our voltage, as everyone knows, is totally different. Can you get an adaptor?

  4. I found it in the the new US edition of February ’07 Diamond Previews, p. 468, $30, Order code is (6806/DWO0557) (C: 1-1-3). Your local shop should be able to pre-order it through Diamond.

  5. Should be okay to use as a non-powered hub, or with a standard US plugged jack if you need it powered.

    The dalek USB stick is a major rip off though.

  6. Excellent. Problem apparently solved, then. I dropped a note to my Friendly Neighborhood Comicbook Store, and begged him to order one for me.

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