UnderWorld The Movie….

One of my old parters, Sean Jaffe, contacted me today — it seems a guy in his screenwriting workship just wrapped a low-budget film which bears some similarity to the urban fantasy RPG UnderWorld that we produced in 2000.

The movie is called URCHIN. Actually filmed in the subways of NYC (among other locations), with no permits, etc.

Interestingly enough, he’s got somebody working on an RPG version — which I assume is the guy that mentioned hearing on a game-design podcast recently. Apparently he contacted Sean, who has pointed him in my direction (although I’ve heard nothing yet).

Anyway — thought a few of you might be interested in the film. (Especially , who is currently writing a Young Adult novel based on our original UnderWorld IP.)

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  1. Interesting. Don’t know if it’s the same guy, but yay for guerilla film-making in NY subways.

    I was surprised that the cheapest used listing for the Underworld RPG via amazon.com right now through one of their e-bay affiliates is $100.00, while a couple of people want almost $190 for it.

    It’s good to be collectible, I guess.

  2. Apparently Sean is working as an assistant at Warner Brothers, and Josh is working at the Mac Store in Manhattan, and playing bass for Chiba-Ken (which now has a record deal, and a CD in stores).

  3. It’s been almost seven years since UnderWorld landed on my doorstep. Damn. And it’s been almost eight years since I started reading your Game Design Step-by-Step series on RPGnet.

    Jesucristo, man, where has the time gone?

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