300 Quote

Still haven’t seen it yet, but here is the best quote I’ve read describing it:

“300 is about a city-state that purposefully turned its citizens into psychopaths, and the story of the one moment in history when that turned out to be a good idea.”

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  1. It’s the sort of film that is best enjoyed by turning off your higher brain and by ignoring everything you know about history. I enjoyed it, but had to resist the urge to lecture everyone in the movie theater on the movie’s numerous abuses of history.

  2. Um….for what?

    What brings you to my journal? I don’t think I know you, and it doesn’t look like we have any mutual friends….

  3. Oups.

    For the quote.

    Oh sorry for the intrusion, I was browsing someone’s journal who was arguing about 300 the movie in a community and I came to yours. Liked your entries and added you. If you are not pleased then I’ll remove you.

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