Huh. Imagine that.

The administration is starting to unravel under the weight of scandal after scandal finally being dragged out into the light of day. The Democrats have said that they plan on issuing a subpoena to Karl Rove, to get him testifying under oath….

And now the media is full of stories about how Khalid Sheik Mohammad has confessed to masterminding the 9/11 attacks.

HOLY CRAP! BIG NEWS!!! Stop the presses! Remember — they hate us for our Freedom, and the Bush administration is all that stands between you and the Islamofascist Horde!!!!11!!OMGWTF!!

Um….except that…..didn’t we already KNOW he was behind it? Wasn’t that why we went after his ass in Pakistan in the FIRST fucking place????

Jesus Christ. They think we’re idiots.

4 Replies to “Convenient”

  1. Well, if he admitted to the 9/11 attacks and the ’93 WTC attack and the Bali bombing an the beheading of Pearl and the murder of Martin Luther King and maybe the Challenger and the Columbia… then there’s no more reason to go after this Bin Laden fellow, is there?

    ‘Convenient’ was exactly the word I though of when I read about this this morning.

  2. they think were bulls and they can wave red flags in front of us and then we all forget about the underhanded dealings of shrub and co.

  3. He has confessed (they tell us) to everything but the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. All those years in Gitmo can do things for you.

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