Well, it worked.

Even with the distractions of the internet, and people, and going to lunch, etc., working on the novel outside of the office appears to be just the kick in the ass that my brain needed.

Yesterday’s result: 1400 words.

Not a lot, but it’s a start. 1400 words I didn’t have before, and more importantly, 1400 words that I’m fairly happy with.

Now I finally get to use one of these nifty writers-blog progress bars!

6 Replies to “Progress”

  1. Whereas my common-sense instincts tell me that this is beginning to smell an awful lot like a Watergatesque tipping point, I refuse to hope. These bastards will wiggle free.

  2. Nice, amigo! And as you get more used to the routine your daily word count will rise until it’s something you feel comfortable setting as a daily goal.

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