Back up on campus today, writing.

Today was a big test of this new writing plan. I’ve got a major release for Adamant coming out at the end of the week, and so I found myself balking this morning, when faced with the prospect of spending the day away from the office. My lovely wife reminded me of why I’m doing this, though, and so here I am, having managed (with considerable help) to avoid the sort of workload prioritizing that has prevented me from getting any fiction done.

This place is empty — Spring Break for KU this week. I love being in spaces designed for crowds when they’re empty. Not sure why.

2 Replies to “Discipline”

  1. Good for you! That is always the biggest danger, having things come up that you feel should take priority. I actually did a panel on Time Management for Writing this past weekend, and one of the things I told them was that you need to set that time and space aside for writing and not give it up except under the most dire circumstances. Stick to it, amigo.

  2. “I love being in spaces designed for crowds when they’re empty.”

    It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Kudos on sticking to your writing plan.

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