I Need A Pint.

Any Lawrencian friends (or hell, KC-area, if you’re willing to commute — I’m easy) want to go down to Red Lyon some time this evening for a pint?

It’s spring break, so there should be a distinct lack of students, and I could really murder a Pint.

Any takers?

8 Replies to “I Need A Pint.”

  1. Ah, sorry! We are in the fun space of Have No Money Until Pay Day.

    The major downside of new glasses and multiple doctor appointments. And our oven/stove dying unexpectedly on us.

    Hope you find some takers, and at least you get to write tomorrow!

  2. No takers, alas.

    I’ve had an absolute ass sandwich of a day.

    I should be up on campus for writing tomorrow. Let me know if you’re up for lunch.

  3. If ever circumstance should happen to place us together again, I’ll murder an entire town full of Pints with you. Then we can hide the bodies and burn down their churches.

    Condolences on your ass day, man.

  4. Re: oven/stove

    No, not completely. But it keeps switching off at the breaker in the middle of me cooking dinner. We were going to replace it soon anyway, but wanted to choose the best time for us. Now, it is an immediate neccessity.

  5. Sorry to hear you had a bad day. Natalie and I are off campus for lunch today, though! It’s the first time since classes started I get her during the day. :D

    Good writing to ya!

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