Stupid Dog

I forgot to mention yesterday — Zoe, our dog, managed to get into a tupperware container while nobody was looking. Said container had what was left of my Christmas magic cookie bars.

Said bars containing a fairly high amount of semi-sweet chocolate.

She ate them all.


took her to the vet, who induced vomiting and then tried (only partially successfully) to get her to eat activated charcoal to counteract the theobromine toxicity. We pointed out that if the vet had put the charcoal in a tupperware container, or the garbage, or told her NO…..she would have eaten it without a problem.

She came home last night, and generally moped, and had the….ahem….digestive troubles we were expecting.

At about 5:00 am, though, she threw up a bunch of the charcoal, and threw up again later in the morning. She’s gone back to the vet, where they’ve given her an injection to settle her stomach, and are keeping her under observation. The vet thinks that the charcoal did the majority of its job, but that she might have gotten a low-dose poisoning nonetheless. Hopefully, nothing worse develops.

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  1. hope she is doing well, our Pooh a few years ago ate a whole bag of Hershey’s Kisses, wrappers and all. She got the tablespoon of salt trick, and sparkly leavings in the yard.

  2. I don’t know how we were blessed with a dog that never showed the slightest interest in human food. (Actually, it’s probably because he was a super-submissive pound puppy who never did anything we didn’t coax him into doing…)

    My parent’s dog does that kind of stuff frequently, but she’s always survived, much to Dad’s chagrin.

    The worst part is that *you* didn’t get to eat the rest of those cookies!

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