Cinematic Titanic

Joel Hodgson, the creator of MST3K, along with several other original cast members, have launched Cinematic Titanic, which brings back the classic riffing-on-B-movies schtick.

Mike Nelson and other cast members are doing audio riffs of newer films over at Rifftrax. Funny stuff, but, for me, it misses the point, which was the older B-movies. Watching a riff of an old, obscure and terrible B-movie means that I can take the film+the audio as a whole, and really grow to love it as its own thing. Using a newer movie that I’m already familiar with? It’s just the same snarking that I do with my friends.

Me, I was always more of a Joel guy, so it’s good to hear his voice (especially along with Trace Beaulieu, the original – and best- voice of Crow T. Robot) again.

They’ve got their first DVD available: The Oozing Skull, released a couple of weeks ago via their website.

Check the trailer:

3 Replies to “Cinematic Titanic”

  1. I have a copy in the mail. I like Joel quite a bit too, but I’m extra jazzed to have Trace and Frank again, not to mention Mary Jo and Elvis Weinstein (who was Dr. Forrester’s assistant before Frank and the original voice of Tom Servo).

  2. They did a live show here at LDAC — their world premiere. It was pretty awesome. I think the movie was called “Brain of Blood” when they did it, but it looks like the same flick. Oh man, it is terrible! But they do a great job of making it funny.

    It’s good to see the guys back. It was incredible to get to watch them do their movie riffing live.

  3. I am Gareth’s Seething Envy.

    The movie title was changed at the request of the rights-holder, who didn’t want there to be “market confusion”, apparently.

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