Clinton Looking To Change the Rules AGAIN

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In order to prevent states from moving their primaries earlier and earlier (which was causing a leapfrogging effect), the Democratic National Committee warned states not to move dates, or their delegates would not be seated at the Convention, and therefore would not count towards the primary vote.

Michigan and Flordia ignored this, and moved their primaries anyway. So, the DNC followed through on the threat, and their delegates will not be seated.

Subsequenty, no Democrats have campaigned in those states for the primary. Hillary Clinton, however, put her name on the ballots anyway. She “won” Michigan, and probably will in Florida as well. It’s *technically* according to the rules, since she’s not actively campaigning.

Now, however, faced with a close race which could go down to the Convention itself, Hillary now wants those wins to count. So she’s fighting the DNC’s decision, and asking her delegates to try and overturn it at the Convention.

THIS IS BULLSHIT. The other candidates did not campaign there because they were following the party rules. Now, she wants to change the rules so that her un-contested wins can catapult her into the nomination….and because J. Random Voter doesn’t understand the political rules involved, anyone who fights against her will look like their somehow against “everybody having their say.”

This is who you’re thinking of electing, people. Think long and hard about that.

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  1. Especially if John “I’m just like the others but I seem to be able to convince the Independent Voters that I’m not” McCain is the one running against her. :-/

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