Blogging vs Writing Books, and the Game Industry

Game Industry writer Will Hindmarch discusses the topic, spinning from an Andrew Sullivan post.

Sullivan argues: “On a pain-per-word basis, books are harder. But at least there is a point at which they are over, at least in the writing. A blog never stops. The deadline is always with you.”

In this respect, Will argues that the treadmill of regular releases in the game industry are “the worst of both worlds,” with respect to length, the never-ending deadline, and the lack of feedback.

His summation (worth quoting):

“Remember that all those writers, developers, artists, and art directors behind those Vampire and D&D and other gaming books are doing it out of love. Erode that love for the work and the work suffers. Corrode it and the worker suffers, too. You don’t have to like the work, and you don’t have to stay quiet when you’re unhappy with it, but you don’t have to be a jerk, you know? And don’t stay quiet when you’re happy. Their job? It doesn’t have to be thankless work.”

Amen, brother.

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