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  1. 1) I’m quite certain the people are indeed smarter this time.

    2) I think his five minutes are up, generally. He is a fellow Princeton alum. Our latest alumni mag had the top 25 most influential alumni of all time as selected by a panel of prestigious alumni. Nader tied for 25th with Rumsfield. They principally noted his impact on the 2000 election, mentioning his now-long-ago consumer advocacy work. I just think the bloom is off the rose.

  2. Why Would Ralph Nader Run?

    I can think of two motivations based on the current leaders for the Democratic and Republican candidate for the Presidency: John McCain is the wrong kind of socialist, while Barack Obama is insufficiently socialist.

    I agree with justinjacobson above, Nader is going to be a non-starter. look at what’s happened to Mitt Romney. The MSM supported the snot out of him, and he’s now losing to a man (John McCain) the MSM did their Best to destroy. Meanwhile Obama has roused something our Imperialist Elites (including the MSM) have done a lot of hard work to suppress, hope. The Clintons are self-destructing, Romney is proving lackluster, it looks like this time we’ll have a presidential campaign with candidates who actually matter to most Americans. Unless McCain pulls something out of his hat I expect Obama to take the oath of office, and support or oppose his policies and stands, he knows how to rouse people.

    In the current political atmosphere I doubt Nader is going to even register in the polls. I’d call him a left-wing Ron Paul, but Paul has some connection with reality.

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