Well, That Didn’t Take Long…..

There’s a discussion of the New Crobuzon announcement over on RPGNet.

Let’s see….slagging off my company? Check. Message 2. “adamant doesn’t set my world on fire.

Pseudo-threatening posturing? Check. Message 4. “they had better not fuck it up.

Poseur political commentary? Check. Message 6. “Great…Now someone can take a setting designed to deconstruct the conventions of the fantasy genre and put fantasy on a less reactionary footing and run dungeons in it.

Same poster, for Teh Win: “ it’s a stupid idea and that what’s nice about the books will be crushed under the jack-booted heel of knuckle-headed gamers.” — and this finally earns him action from the Moderators.

Aside from that, though, it’s a fairly positive thread (well, for RPGNet, anyway), and so far no real invoking of the “GMS” Boogieman, or threats of boycott, which I have to admit I expected.

I’d love to respond over there, but of course, I’ve been permabanned over there for about 5 years now, for “making non-specific personal attacks” (yes, that’s right — attacking hypothetical people. No, I don’t get it, either.)

So, if you’re an RPGNet poster, feel free to quote me over there:

I appreciate the level of interest shown towards the announcement of TALES OF NEW CROBUZON. I can assure fans that, given the fact that I’ve known China for about a decade, and we’ve spoken many times about our approaches to gaming, I’m not about to water-down his brilliant setting in order to fit a traditional gaming paradigm. I’ve been hoping for this chance for years, and now that China has given his OK, I’m not going to let him down by producing anything less than my company’s best work.

Anyone interested in discussing the project is welcome over at our forums. Hope to see you there.