Democracy in Action

The Republicans in Texas have engaged in some pretty notorious gerrymandering — redrawing districts in an obvious and unapologetic attempt to disenfranchise Democratic voters.

As an example — for the heavily-Dem-voting Prairie View A&M University precincts, they put the early-polling place more than seven miles from the school.

So what did students there do? On the first day of early voting for the upcoming primary, they WALKED the 7 miles, shutting down a highway in the process. Check it out:

Something is definitely happening in this country.


So, John McCain all but has the Republican nomination sewn up….except that he’s having problems with the right wing, who (led by noise machines like Rush Limbaugh, etc.) are bitching that he’s not a “true conservative.”

Suddenly, the New York Times (easily the most conservative of the so-called “liberal media”, and a paper that endorsed McCain last month) releases a story that….well, doesn’t report anything, really. Re-hashes 8-year old charges that his staff was concerned that he was spending time with a Lobbyist.

Now, the right wing are screeching about the “drive-by journalism” and “smear job” by the “liberal media.” Rush Limbaugh is leading the charge to defend the poor, under-attack McCain. The troops have been rallied, and now McCain has the conservatives behind him.

Doesn’t anybody else find that to be a bit….well…..convenient?