Torchwood ’73

Amusingly enough, somebody else had the idea that I had mentioned earlier.

Courtesy of Monkeybrain books, I now have in my hands the following:

An anthology of short stories featuring the adventures of Richard Jeperson, a paranormal investigator working for the Diogenes Club — the least publicized of Britain’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies. His cases involve haunted trains and seaside resorts, murders in utopian communities and London’s vice district, voodoo and mind-altering therapies. He’s equal parts Jason King, John Steed and the Third Doctor, in plots whose style is influenced by 70s British horror paperbacks (like the Peter Saxon “Guardians” novels).

Glam-era paranormal investigation. HELL YEAH.

iTunes Meme

(as seen on ‘s journal)

How many songs total: 9,957
How many hours or days of music: 26 days
Most recently played: “Strong As I Am” by The Prime Movers
Most played: “Let Me Go” by Heaven 17 (49 times)
Most recently added: Jade Empire Original Soundtrack by Jack Wall

Sort by song title:
First Song: “’till the End of Time” by Delerium
Last Song: “藍色風暴 (Lan Se Feng Bao – Blue Storm)” by Zhou Jie Lun (aka Jay Chow)

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: “Flip Sting” (SFX) from the Kill Bill soundtrack (:02)
Longest Song: “Essential Lounge – Bombay, Disc 1” by Various Artists (1:07:32)
(Longest single track, rather than continuous mix: “Thunderball Suite” by John Barry (21:12)

Sort by album:
First album: “#1” by Fischerspooner
Last album: “漸 -Zen-” by DJ Krush
First song that comes up on Shuffle: “Dark Night” by The Blasters

Search the following and state how many songs come up:

Death – 108
Life – 70
Love – 400
Hate – 30
You – 683
Sex – 25

Most Represented Artist
Queen (177 songs)

Don’t Call ‘Em Stupid….

Funny thing that and I noticed last night, watching the various networks cover their exit poll numbers from the Potomac Primaries:

Every one of them talked about a segment they called “affluent, educated Democrats” — which they defined as making more than 50K per year, and being college educated. They’re apparently Obama supporters.

The term kept popping up. “Affluent & Educated.” Never one without the other.

I thought about the Obama supporters I know — and those that were around me at the caucus. Not a lot of folks making over 50K. But yeah, all pretty well educated.

I guess the media sticks the “affluent” tag in front of “educated” because they don’t want to say, by implication, that the other side’s supporters are “uneducated.”

It would make for an amusing analysis though — “As we see here, dumbasses voted 65 to 35, whereas that number was reversed among people capable of critical thinking….”