Doctor Who – The Sontaran Strategem

This week’s Who episode:

Since when are Sontarans supposed to be short?

I mean, here’s where they first appeared: 1973’s Time Warrior:

Doesn’t look short to me…. But now, not only are they all smaller than human — but we also get jokes about that from UNIT soldiers.

That odd bit of retconning aside, it wasn’t a bad episode. Helen Raynor may have redeemed herself for the absolutely awful Dalek two-parter of last series. Classic UNIT trope of “odd things happening at corporate industrial site” — plus, naked Martha clone covered in slimy goo!

There appears to be a growing theme this series, though — they made another throwaway fanwank reference! The Doctor references the UNIT dating controversy directly, when he tells Donna that he worked for UNIT “in the Seventies…or was it the Eighties?” I laughed.

Overall though, I’m witholding verdict until I see the second half. The first part was promising.

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