Hillary’s Speech, and Rhetorical Violence

As some who can’t stand Hillary Clinton, even I think that she nailed that speech last night. She directly pointed her finger at her die-hards and told them to get over themselves (and get over HER, to an extent), and vote for the candidate who is in their best interests.

I also thought that the Twin Cities zinger was brilliant.


My biggest problem with the Convention so far is that they’ve had ZERO fire-spitting, partisan rhetorical attacks against the Republicans. They’re being far too nice, which was pretty much the same problem in 2004, and, in my opinion, a contributing factor to why Kerry lost. They need to be blasting 8 years of Bush/Cheney — tagging McCain as a continuation, and, bluntly, being outrageous and over-the-top — which will get the base fired up, get soundbites covered in the media, and speak to the “plain-speaking, just folks like us” dumbass segment (who respond to anger as honesty).

Tonight we’ve got Clinton — I doubt he’ll go on the attack. He’s too desperate to reclaim his reputation as statesmanlike after his behavior in the Primaries. Then we have Biden — who has to do a lot of the whole “VP introduces himself to the nation” prefunctory stuff before getting to the sort of attack-dog stuff which VPs are supposed to do (and Biden is suited for). So I worry it won’t be enough.

Tomorrow night: Gore (who is capable of fire, so I’m hopeful), and Obama — who will undoubtedly be in “Inspirational and Historic” mode.

There needs to be more “rhetorical violence” done to the Republicans, and I fear that the Dems are making their usual mistake of taking the high road.

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