Post: The Follow-upping

Regarding the whole “Pimp” fiasco:

Laura nailed it at dinner tonight:

“It would have been ironic and funny if the card art and presentation were clearly upper-middle-class white boys aping the whole “pimp culture” thing. THAT would have been making fun of the glorification, which is ripe to be made fun of.”

But they didn’t. They went with the racial stereotypes, “blackcent” and all.

Minstrel show, as a friend of mine so aptly noted.

Oh, and those of you who are wondering: Take a look at the growing comments on the Livejournal version of the last post (and, hell–probably this one as well), and note the number of strangers popping by to call me “fag”, etc. You’re looking at Reason Numero Uno why working in this business sometimes SUCKS ASS. The realization that a depressing large portion of the audience are the sort of mouth-breather that you’re never associate with in your life.

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