So, not much in the way of Samhain-related activity yesterday… and I did a burning ritual to rid ourselves of the stuff we want to get rid of during the coming year, but that’s about it.

For secular Halloween-related activity, though, we went downtown to see the little kids trick-or-treating the shops on Mass. St., where we (as said) “died of the cute.” We then met for a lovely dinner and conversation at La Familia. Then, headed back home and put in Brides of Dracula, one of my all-time favorite Hammer movies.

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  1. 100% unrelated to your post

    Gareth, I understand you wrote a scathing something or another about that abortion of an RPG, deadEarth. I was wondering if you still have a copy of this around, or know where one is on the net.

  2. Re: 100% unrelated to your post

    No, that was another Gareth (Hanrahan, aka ). All I did was comment to his comment on some forum somewhere. Can’t find my comment, though….If I remember correctly, it was on Gaming Outpost, which has been fuckered out of existance.

    I did find someone else who quoted Gareth’s scathing review in full, though, on another site:

    Click here for the Pain.

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