The WB has apparently ordered a full season of the new show “Supernatural.”

If you haven’t checked it out, do so. It’s on Tuesday nights.

and I watched it on a whim, and have been impressed. It delivers the genuinely creepy “monster-of-the-week” sort of stories that we had hoped that “Nightstalker” would deliver, but didn’t. I’ll admit that there is a slight bit of WB teen-aimed OMG HAWT GUYZ packaging to deal with, but even with that, the show is pretty good, and I’m pleased that it’s getting a full shot.

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  1. Maybe natalie and I will watch it again sometime. we caught the “bloody mary” episode and thought it was ok. But not nearly good enough to make me give up “HOUSE” for it, which runs at the same time. But I think Natalie liked it a lot, so maybe.

  2. I still have the pilot, mostly unwatched, on my Replay, but how creepy is it that the first thing on the screen is Lawrence, Kansas. Heh.

  3. We’ve been watching it since the start. I like how they throw in comments that appeal to our generation, too: “Thank you, Dr. Venkman” etc. I must say we were laughing about the episode that was set in Lawrence, because it really did not look like Lawrence to us… but it is quite fun!

  4. Yeah, what the wife said. :) It’s one of the shows we watch regularly now, and one of only two new ones we’ve kept (the other being Threshold). Glad to hear it’s going the distance.

  5. Another option, should you want to catch it in it’s entirety, is to find it online. For that matter, I’ve got all the eps in widescreen and surround sound thus far, and probably could get them relayed to you on a DVD via TTN (The Tribe Network) after the 12th episode comes out. From there, you could either watch it on your computer, or burn it off individually onto DVDs for a DVD player.

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