To Mark The End of the Work Week: Meaningless Personal Trivia!

7 things I plan to do before I die:

  • Have a series of novels published.
  • Go to England
  • Own my own home
  • Get to the point where I don’t have to worry about money.
  • Live in NYC again.
  • Get back in shape (much shorter-term than “before I die”)
  • Spend as much time with friends as I can.

7 things I can do:

  • Write
  • Act.
  • Lay out and design books.
  • Design RPGs.
  • Make people laugh.
  • Fight with archaic weapons.
  • Kiss

7 things I cannot do:

  • Keep my damned mouth shut.
  • Vote for conservatives.
  • Play any musical instrument well enough for my satisfaction.
  • Suffer fools gladly….or at all.
  • Manage finances worth a damn.
  • Juggle.
  • Deny my nature.

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

  • Eyes.
  • Intelligence.
  • Wit.
  • I’ll be polite here and say “posterior.”
  • Confidence.
  • Lips.
  • Openness.

7 things I say most often:

  • “Ah, fer fucks sake…”
  • “Basically…” (my verbal pause, apparently)
  • “No, I’m sorry, she’s not here. Can I take a message?”
  • “Damn.”
  • “Brilliant.”
  • “Oops.”
  • “Aaaarrrghhh!”

7 celebrity crushes:

7 people I want to do this:

3 Replies to “To Mark The End of the Work Week: Meaningless Personal Trivia!”

  1. Whoah. Polly Walker was that hot Irish terrorist in Patriot Games. There were way too few shots of her in her wetsuit-type-getup during the fight at the end of the film. And there’s your male-pattern shallowness from me this week.

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