Viggo As Alatriste

Spurred on by a user pic in the comments of my previous post, I did a quick Google search and discovered something very, very cool:

Viggo Mortensen is starring in a Spanish-language film version of El capitán Alatriste by Arturo Pérez Reverte. The film is being released in 2006.

A picture:

EDIT: Another excellent picture, but large enough that I’m linking instead of posting.

Reminds me: I really, really need to read that book.

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  1. I read “The Club Dumas” back when they filmed it as “The Ninth Gate”, and a friend told me about how the film completely removed the Musketeers parallels. Great book.

  2. Start with The Fencing Master, although it’s no direct relation to the Alatriste novels. The second Alatriste book is coming soon, but I think they pushed it back a few months from their originally intended twice-a-year schedule for the five.

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