I just heard from the guy who was assigned to do the campaign map for our D20 MARS product.

Despite the fact that he was to be turning in the final sometime this month, he informed me that he’s been unable to get started, and is dropping the assignment.


So, now I have to find another cartographer. Which means that the project will be delayed.

Damn it.

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  1. I’ll just hire someone on the cheap to do a lower-quality version of the map – with this lead you gave me, I’ll have my version 3/4 written when yours comes out, I’ll buy yours (or download it from a fileshare system), and plug in your OGC in the gaps in my book, and have mine out the day after yours.

    Err, I mean, that sucks. I hate it when artists drop out last-second. At least it’s not like he dropped out on the due date.

    (Kidding in that first part)

  2. CC isn’t available for the Mac, otherwise I would.

    Plus, I’m not really needing SF-esque planet views or 3d….this is, essentially, a fantasy setting (burroughs-esque Mars), so a standard map should suffice.

  3. Actually I meant they have a large directory of available mappers who can be called upon to produce this kind of thing. They might even already have a map.

    The owner is pretty friendly, I was gaming round his house tonight.

  4. Ah. That makes sense.

    Of course, since posting this, I’ve gotten a few offers, but I’ll definitely keep that in mind for future work.

  5. Not looking for freelance work, but I won’t turn it down. As for samples, all I have to date are lab reports where learning the techniques took priority over creativity. That being said, I’m usually much better at implementing other people’s designs and ideas than coming up with my own, so I should be able to make whatever it is you need. Should I send the samples to the Adamant submissions address?

  6. That’s exactly why I got into it. For some reason, not too many places are looking to hire a political science major who has no ambition to learn lawyerin’. I went to one professor to apply for a temporary job helping move and catalogue some sediment cores and came back with a much more permanent one desiging a GIS focused on the trip where he obtained the cores. And I only have one quarter of training under my belt.

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