17 Replies to “A Present for the ICARUS Crew….”

  1. You guys should give me actors for your characters…

    Ummm, Lynda Carter? :) Actually , I was thinking more of young Elizabeth Taylor, only with gold eyes instead of violet.

  2. Ok, don’t laugh at me.

    Basically, Aida looks like me…ish. The only celebrity that I remotly look like, is Katie Holmes. Seriously!! I have this picture where I look JUST like her. And the way she looks in Batman Begins(I wasn’t going for a theme) is pretty much how I figure Aida. ‘Specially since Katie’s wearing a brown coat in most of the film. :D

    The screencaps I found, pretty much sucked and the fact that movie is dark as all hell doesn’t help.

    Anyway, here’s a Photo Bucket album with some pics. Either of the movie or some other shoots where she doesn’t look so Joey-esque.

    ::hangs head in shame:: I’m kinda embarressed now.

  3. Gah! LJ ate my post!! Must retype…grr…

    Anywho, I found Jules! :) I almost went with Kelly Hu…but didn’t want to as the way I envision Jules’s allure is not “omg!sex!”, but “pretty (rich) girl (who likes to take things apart) next door.” And with that in mind, I found Manami Konishi. She’s a Japanese actress who did a voice in Steamboy (before the English dub) among a few other things.

    The third picture and the last three are my favorites…

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