The Crew of the Good Ship ICARUS….

So, I was bored this evening, and I whipped up a quick wallpaper for the Icarus crew, using the actors specified.

Here you go, kids!

It’s a bit more of a hatchet-job than I usually do, but it works.

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  1. When I was picking Alexa for Gideon, I was a little disappointed she wasn’t slightly taller, because I’d always pictured Gideon a bit taller. But I couldn’t find an actress I liked more than Alexa. THEN I remembered that HUGH JACKMAN is short, TOO! So, it works out. We look super hot together. And add in some guns… whew! Almost too hard to think about. heh.


  2. From the upper Left to the lower Right:

    Hugh Jackman – Eric Renner/Sean
    Alexa Davalos – Gideon Teryal/Tess
    Vicki Zhao Wei – Mingmei Kai/Me
    Katie Holmes – Aida/Brooke
    Elizabeth Taylor – Leda/Laura
    Liam Nelson – Willem Musashi/Mike
    I’ve already forgotten the Japanese girl’s name – Jules Beckett/Kris

  3. well Manami is aboug 5’6″, which is decently tall for being Japanese and female…but Jules is supposed to be about 5’10″…so meh…

  4. :sniff, sniff: You don’t love me anymore. I bet if I could check the cortex for you (IF is the key word there), I’d see a string of men whose coats you wore and then left them broken, sad, and coatless. You were just using me for my jacket!

  5. I think it’s AWESOME that you freaked. It’s completely in character to do so. And, I really like Katie’s expression in this picture, she looks kinda scared but still determined and slightly bad-ass.

    Kai on the other hand, only kinda knows what an Operative is and does so she’s taking her cues from Aida in a “Hmm, this is apparently a very bad thing” kind of way…

  6. Well, when Gareth and I were in the kitchen, I clarified if an Operative is a term that my character would know. Once I learned that yes it was, Aida flipped at the thought of watching her friends get killed on a video feed. And then Gideon showed up and freaked her out more. It was a bad deal all around.

    Her face in the other one is badassier. ::nods::

  7. And thats why I keep it locked up in my rooms floorsafe. But if you’re good, and things work out, maybe I’ll let you wear it to fulfill a fantasy of Willem’s.

  8. Those were nobodies. Willem didn’t really know them, thus he made video. It’d be different with you, Willem has things invested with you. You’re wearing his jacket.

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