Hell Week Bright Spots

This is Hell Week, for the most part. Getting Christmas shopping done…..Running around like a maniac getting the house in order, for the visit of my folks and my other two kids, and getting the rest of the December releases for Adamant released so that I can take next week off, etc.

There have been a few bright spots.

Yesterday, played hooky from work, to drive me around so that I could get my shopping done. Thanks for that!

Also yesterday, I got my new external hard drive from MacMall. (I also ordered an additional 512mb of memory, but accidentally ordered DIMM rather than SO DIMM, so it didn’t fit. Boo. But in the plus column, it was easy to get a return authorization, offered to drop it off at the Post Office for me, and the replacement memory is already on its way.) I transferred my rather copious amount of music over to the new drive, freeing up a 20 gigabyte hunk of the main drive.

I also named the new hard drive. There is an icon sitting on my desktop now, labeled “The Cortex.”

Yes, I’m a geek. Shaddap.

Now if I could only find some Firefly-themed OS X icons. (I instead used a computer-screen icon taken from a Space:1999-themed set.)

EDIT: Another bright spot: KJHK is in their Winter-break Freeform format, where fill-in DJs, not constrained by the usual show schedule, can play whatever the hell they want. GREAT stuff. (and you can listen online, at the website.)

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  1. “…getting the rest of the December releases for Adamant released so that I can take next week off, etc.”

    Would you give me for barging in on your holiday and asking if my adventure is one of those December releases? Or are we still waiting for approval from on high?

    Either way, hope your holidays are substantially more relaxing that the leadup to them has been. :-)

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