Making With The Cutting-Edge Journalism!

Yesterday when and I were downtown, I was stopped by a reporter doing “man-on-the-street” interviews. This has happened to me before (and in the same block, too….reporters are apparently lazy, and don’t want to wander too far from the office).

I was hoping to be asked about Bush and spying without a warrant…..but no. I was asked about snow.

But I made it into the paper, and the website.

Fame. It’s a heady cocktail.

3 Replies to “Making With The Cutting-Edge Journalism!”

  1. After reading that, I was hoping that they would ask about Spygate as well. By the by, let me please be the first to be calling it Spygate.

    I’m from the Northeast as well. If it isn’t snowing on Thanksgiving, it’s an odd year.

  2. You could have said something like, “Not really. We’ve been getting enough of a snow-job from the President and his cronies already.”

    ‘Course they probably wouldn’t have printed that.

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