It Gets Worse

Some of you may have been witness to the typical right-wing response to those expressing outrage at the warrantless surveillance of Americans. The usual party line goes something like this: Make it look like the fuzzy-headed liberal is freaking out about OMG TEH GOVT LISTENING IN ON MY PHONE CALLS!!!, when “obviously” this is a case of surveillance being performed against legitimate targets, and not average Americans.

The idea here, of course, is to make the liberal look like some kind of conspiracy nut.

Well, not so fast, there, Mr. Right-Wing Apologist: It looks like your hypothetical argument to make someone look like a nut MIGHT ACTUALLY BE THE CASE.

The Boston Globe is reporting today that the NSA has probably been using computers to monitor ALL Americans’ international communications, and filter for the specific material they’re looking for.

Take a minute and let that sink in.

All Americans. You, me, everybody.

All international communications: Phone, Internet, etc.

How much more of this are we supposed to put up with? How much more, before we actually do something about it?

4 Replies to “It Gets Worse”

  1. Well, that explains why they weren’t bothering with FISA warrants. “Yes, I’d like a blanket warrant for all outgoing international communications for all US citizens please.”

    Impeachment is not enough. If Bush thinks he’s on a mission from God, let him be scourged and crucified.

  2. You can Google on ECHELON; it’s not just Americans international calls, it’s everyone’s, and most domestic calls as well, for at least a decade. Oh, and any data transmissions that cross international and major domestic boundaries can be gotten at.

  3. Ah, but that’s a Boston paper. It’s obviously full of lying commies. Besides, if you haven’t done anything wrong, than you’ve got nothing to hide. That’s why I had a camera implanted in my underwear, so I can share with our Beloved and Respected Leader and his Loyalty and Happiness Enforcement Cadre how I feel about our Glorious Nation. Because I’ve got nothing to hide.

    Now do y’all understand why I’m so pro-gun? The reason these fuckers think they can get away with this bullshit is because the majority of the gun-carrying folks out there think the sun shines outta Frutex Minimus Caesar’s ass, and they’re not likely to change their minds anytime soon. Once the habitually armed folks stop skewing so heavily Right/Xtian, the folks in the big chair might stop fucking everybody else so blatantly. The Xtian Right is one of the easiest groups to play; all you’ve got to do is make the right noises in public, and they’ll brush everything else you do aside. Why do you think they put up with all the insane shit their ministers do? It’s all about what you say in church, not what you do on the weekday. I was raised hardcore fundie. I grew up with these clots. If you believe that shit, you’ll believe anything. The Handpuppet would have to start eating white children alive on tv every day for a year before they’d start mumbling about how he’s not the guy they voted for and maybe they’ll vote for somebody else next time. Maybe. Gnarrr….

    Whoo. OK, maybe got a bit more ranty at the end there than I was planning.

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