Very Pulpy Christmas, Chapter Two!

In the realm of pulpy goodness, I had to share the main gift I received from my parents today:

A nifty-as-hell brown leather aviator’s jacket, with a map-print lining. And it fits.

Now, all I need is a Grumman Goose, and I’m all set!

Merry Christmas, all.

2 Replies to “Very Pulpy Christmas, Chapter Two!”

  1. Wow! Tales of the Gold Monkey! Your link to that site is honestly one of the best Christmas gifts I received this year. Thank you!

    Spiffy coat, by the way. But if all you need is the plane, does that mean you already have the talking dog and pudgy mechanic sidekick?

  2. I find an aviator’s jacket is the ideal venue for displaying one’s Rocketeer Thrill Club wings and Doc Savage Club pin. But that’s probably just me.

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