Shotgun Politics

The 78-year-old shot by Cheney has a heart attack, due to pellets in his heart.

Doctors are under orders to continue to downplay calling it “Minor.”

The murmuring sound you’re hearing is the noise of Administration officials and hardcore Neo-cons praying HARD that this old guy doesn’t die.

Of course, Cheney has already been cleared. The Sherrif’s Department have said that there was no alcohol or misconduct involved in the incident….at least as far as they could tell, since they weren’t allowed to interview anyone for more than 12 hours after the shooting.

In other disgusting news: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is planning a June vote on a Constitutional amendment banning Gay marriage. The vote will most likely fail, but it’s timed so that the coming November elections can be yet another “Referendum on Boys Kissing” (to use Bill Maher’s phrase), rather than being about reaction to the multiple crimes and ethical violations by this administration and their party. The holy rollers will come out in force again. Votes fer JESUS.

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  1. Y’know what makes me wonder? That you can be so negligent as to accidently shoot someone, and have “no wrongdoing” involved. I’m sorry, you just *shot someone*! No, it wasn’t intentional, that’s why we’re not charging you with murder. But honestly, shouldn’t something like this fall under something like involuntary manslaughter (if the old gent dies) or at least criminal negligence… or *something*?

    I mean, how does “Sorry, old buddy, I didn’t *mean* to pepper you with bird shot and cause you a heart attack,” constitute an excuse to avoid any sort of legal repercussion? “It was an accident,” doesn’t cut it if you accidently smack up someone’s car (you’ll get a ticket & a fine, goes on your record, etc), so how is it acceptable for someone getting injured (or dying) due to your negligence?

    This is what gun laws should be doing. If gun control is hitting what you shoot at, then if you hit someone you weren’t aiming at, we should take your guns away (and fine your ass till it bleeds).

    No wrongdoing my behind!

  2. I’ve had several avid hunters, including my husband, tell me that this is fairly common and that the injured man has about 50% of the responsibility for the incident (I refuse to call it an accident).

    To me, that’s crap. As someone who genuinely enjoys shooting on a target range (and I’m a decent shot with the 9mm pistol), I know exactly what is beyond the barrel of my gun. Not just what I’m aiming at, but what is beyond that. What if Cheney had hit a kid or a dog downrange from the bird, rather than his good buddy? Would that then justify a charge of reckless endangerment?

  3. Considering the manner of things that are usually put up on the net, one can well understand the reaction.

    However, it’s sobering, I think, to see the reality of what happened to that man…they’ve opted to just leave the shot buried in his face.

    How’s that for party loyalty…


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