KCRF 2006

I’ll not bother with a summary of the proposed “30th Anniversary” theme, as does so quite nicely rye cheer.

Instead, I’ll cut to the bit of direct concern to me: I asked the E.D. if Bard’s Bouts would have to re-audition, and was told no, since he knows what we’ve got.

Which would be a good thing.

However (there’s always a “However”, isn’t there….): Because it’s the 30th Anniversary year, they’re trying to hire some big-time RenFest circuit touring acts….and therefore, and I quote: “I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be able to afford you.” He says he’ll know within the next month or so.

I was willing to take that at face value…..until about 20 minutes later, when he ran down for the assembled crowd the list of returning stage shows, which included a bunch of other local stage shows. So apparently, it was either a deliberate snub, or we just slipped his mind.

Feel the love, kids. Feel the love.

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  1. I’ll say it again. He’s highly intimidated by anyone who has noticeably more talent than he does. Sorry, but you’re WAY in that category. The only reason that others in that category are still out there is that he knows he would get his butt kicked if he let them go. I say we show him that you’re in that category.

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