Portman Deleted

The link to the Natalie Portman gangsta rap that I posted yesterday is now invalid. The message reads: This video has been removed due to copyright infringement.

Stupid NBC. “Lazy Sunday” (aka “Chronicles of Narnia rap”) was a massive viral video, and responsible for a huge increase in interest and viewers for Saturday Night Live….but of course, NBC was pissed because they couldn’t control the content. So, it looks as though they were a lot more aggressive with the Cease & Desists this time out.

Dumb bastards….corporate lawyers obviously don’t understand that the spread of that video was the best advertisement they could ever want.

EDIT: The clip is now exclusively hosted at the NBC website, with the following message:

“Now, instead of searching the web for “borrowed” NBC highlights, you can go to the source! We’ve taken your viral favorites and gathered them into one convenient location.”

Smell the CorporateSpeak, people. Mmmmm. Smells like…..desperation.

10 Replies to “Portman Deleted”

  1. Seriously. Wouldn’t want to encourage anyone to *watch* SNL again. Stupid.

    At least I have it TiVo’d, so I can watch it anytime I like. Neener neener NBC. :P

  2. At least I have it TiVo’d, so I can watch it anytime I like. Neener neener NBC. :P

    With broadcasters already managing to insert code which prevents fast forwarding, or in some cases, even any playback at all on DVRs, I’ll bet that you won’t be able to for much longer.

  3. In all fairness, it is their intelectual property, and they did provide a way to see it off their server. Even if it shoots themselves in the foot, it is within legal boundries.

  4. A way to see it if you’re using the appropriate browser/mediaplayer, that is. I’ve never been able to get any of their “hosted” vids to play worth a damn using Safari. It may be a configuration issue that i could fix, but the YouTube video worked just fine.

  5. Oddly, I use Safari, and have no problems.

    Still think it’s fucking stupid for them to “centrally locate” viral videos.

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