Serenity This Weekend

A reminder to my players, since it’s been quite a while since our last session: We are playing Serenity this Sunday, 2-ish.

: If you’re still interested in playing, come on out and observe, and we can talk character options.

4 Replies to “Serenity This Weekend”

  1. My schedule conflicts with the Sunday rotation beginning on this weekend would put us on. Meaning, I have an appointment this Sunday (the 12th), Sunday the 9th and the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd is out as well.

    If others don’t have any problems, can we switch to the other Sunday rotation?


  2. I have no problem moving the session until the 19th….which would put us on the 2nd, 16th, etc. The only reason it was going to be this weekend is because that’s what we came up with last month, when we re-scheduled due to you guys taking the trip down south, and then Brooke’s b-day/Kris’ anime con.

    I’ll defer to the others.

  3. umm…I may or may not be able to game next weekend, I’ll know sometime this week (I hope). We’ve got our yearly inventory Sunday night/Monday morning. It’ll depend on if I’m working the overnight or just fucking early Monday. I’ll let you know.

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