Merry Quentinmas!

Today is Quentin Tarantino’s 43rd birthday.

Please mark the observance by engaging in rapid-fire witty banter about 70s pop culture topics, before engaging in acts of stylized violence.

(The linked site has an excellent run-down on the current movie being helmed by Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, Grind House— sounds like an absolute blast.)

3 Replies to “Merry Quentinmas!”

  1. So, when Kwai Chang Caine was “Walking the Earth”, the important thing to remember, the thing you want to take away from that is that the Earth isn’t the world, man. No, it’s the Wulin, man. The Martial Arts World, you dig? Caine is literally walking the American west, which is a metaphor for his own untamed spirit, but while he’s kicking up dust and asses in some redneck hillbilly bigotted town of corrupt white men, he’s also spiritually walking the path of the Wulin.

    Walk the earth, muthafucka…

    /me Goes off to practice my eightfold way staff technique…

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