Amusing Update, or: I Was Right, Part Fifty-Seven.

My decision to post my analysis here, rather than on a gaming forum, proved to be a good one…..since, as I predicted, the Usual Suspects came out of the woodwork and started throwing shit and rotted fruit like a pack of monkeys with socialization problems.

The thread that started up over on ENWorld has now been closed by the moderators….not-coincidentally soon after the rallying flag for the denial crowd was picked up by a dipshit who has claimed in the past that products “don’t count as d20 support” if he can’t use them in his home campaign.

Yeah. That gives you an idea of the sort of reasoned thought we’re dealing with here.

Of course, thanks to FARK, my original post now has 80-some-odd comments on it, and people have started arguing with eachother and calling eachother ‘asshole’ and the like. It’s quite the train wreck.

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  1. *laughs* It started out pretty good (i’d imagine when it was just you and your friends). The introduction of fark into any site where they can make a comment usually degrades to the point that they start arguing back and forth as to who the asshole is. But you will also get a few fairly intelligent responses from them as well. I suppose you will have to wait and see if you can find any. :D

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