Holy FARK!

As some of you may have noticed, my analysis post on the state of the gaming industry has been linked from FARK.

This has resulted in a large influx of comments…some of which are of the “U R LOSERS!!1!” variety. I’m pretty much ignoring the comments, and I’d suggest that regular readers of this journal do the same.

The funny thing, though…..because I mentioned (and linked) my work with Adamant in that analysis, I’ve also had a noticeable upsurge in orders over the past 24 hours. This makes me giggle, because I just know that whoever it was who Farked that post was hoping to aggravate me by bringing in the “U R LOSERS!!1!” crowd….but ended up making me some extra cash! Har har….I am teh winnar!

For those actually interested in the analysis: Ken Hite has also posted his take on the numbers, over in his Out of the Box column.

For regular readers of this journal: Friday Music will be posted in the next hour, and later today (as promised), I’ll be posting the first batch of pages from the novel I’m working on (since the Writing Group got a crack at it last night).

7 Replies to “Holy FARK!”

  1. It might blow some Farker’s minds to know that Drew Curtis, lord and master of Fark.com, not only plays RPGs but has written for at least one of them.

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